Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Advice for Boring Boring Stadium

The results for the internationals series over the past few years should not be acceptable.
Free advice:
appoint: Neil Booth as manager
appoint Ian McClure as mentor/assisatant manage for U25s

CA stadium
you have lost thousands of pounds over the past few years due to your intransigence.
Mid Antrim qualifiers, competitions and possibly the big events in short mat. It may be too late you could have been established as a premier venue for short mat.

You rely on short mat bowlers to bring in new members. The vast majority of stadiumers started at shortmat. You should have embraced and worked alongside short mat years ago. Getting new bowlers into any format is hard yet Belfast with it's catchment area could have nurtured bowls. More people playing shortmat will ultimately result into more stadiumers.

It is time for all formats of bowls to respect each other and work TOGETHER to promote outdoor, stadium and short mat.