Friday, 30 March 2012

World Championships - selection or qualification

It is customary for the winners of the champion of champions’ competitions to play in the World Championships.
This means that every player in the IIBA can qualify to play in the world championships and it is a goal for many who enter licensed tournaments to attain that pinnacle.
This magnificent opportunity may be taken from the players. There is a distinct possibility that within the coming years players will be selected for the World Championships, therefore they will not be able to qualify on their own merits.
Ask officially and you will be told that there are no plans to change the policy, you will be told that it is not on the agenda.
However it is easy for the policy to be changed without players being consulted and without any notice. The policy can be changed at an executive meeting between now and the CoC.

If you the players still want the current qualification policy to continue it is in your hands to ensure that entry to the World Championships remains open.

Attend the AGM, make a simple proposal to maintain the current policy and wait and see if there is any counter-proposal. If there is then it will go to a vote.

At this moment in time the outcome is within your (the players) hands. Miss the AGM and you will be giving the executive the opportunity to make a change.
The straightforward answer is attend the AGM.