Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Almost Over

To the Offended
Unfortunately many of the articles/issues on this site were taken personally.
This blog was never set up to attack individuals, it was to cover issues in bowls no matter how controversial. (there are many, specifically within short mat, that were never addressed)
At times in matters of etiquette or character the defining line got blurred and articles which were about issues not individuals were taken personally.

To any who were offended at any stage over the past 5 years, the author unreservedly apologises.

A professor said
Two people can see the same thing but reach different conclusions.

Two little ducks went their separate ways but no amount of quack, quack apologies worked as
Forgiveness can only come from the one aggrieved (or the one unintentionally harpooned).

To those who took time to read the site it is hoped that it has been a source of information and entertainment