Wednesday, 4 April 2012

King Jeremy, Prince James, Duke Graham

Northern Ireland get a 1, 2, 3 finish at the world cup singles
Well done:
Jeremy Henry (possibly the best this country has produced)
James Talbot (defending champion)
Graham McKee (possibly the brightest prospect who relishes the big games)

Surely Graham and James have played their way into contention for the World championships later this year. Richie Leonard should be another 'new one' in contention. All three have shown and proved that they can perform at the top level. they need to be integrated into the team now, no point in going with the same old faces.

The biggest mistake in Irish selection was the non selection of Jeremy Henry for the world championships. They had it in their power to select Jeremy months ago when he was still eligible.
Jermey Henry has more experience of the playing conditions than any other player that will be selected
He has proved himself in those very conditions (he won the Australian open singles!!!)
He is in form
He plays more regularly and at a higher level of competitoon than any one over here
He is possibly the best bowler this country has produced.
5 compelling reasons why the selectors should have selected Jeremy and why they have let the country down.
The excuse that he is not playing in this country is pathetic.
It may be that some players did not want him selected, if that is the case why? The conclusion will be that they feared for their place and they were looking after their own interests and not that of Irish bowls.